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Our typical day

09:00 - Welcome and Register
Children are encouraged to hang up their own coats and bags, collect their name card and put it on the ‘I’m here today board’. We then sit together to complete the register. Following this the children take part in a group activity such as mackaton singing ad signing or a wake up shake up session.

09:30 - Free Play
The children are encouraged to independently choose play activities which are laid out on tables or in areas of the hall. These may include arts and crafts, ict, a book corner, small world play, messy play, water play or outside play in our Friendship Garden.

We also always have an adult led activity which could be cooking, letters and sounds activities, special crafts, gardening, numeracy games or themed activities around seasonal events such as duvali, Easter, Christmas, Chinese new year, mothers day.

We ensure all six areas of the early years foundation stage are covered and the children are stimulated whilst having an exciting, fun time with their friends.

10:30 – Snack time
The children line up to wash their hands then take their name card from the board, collect plates and cups and find a seat. We all sit together and the children can choose from a healthy selection of drinks and snacks.

11:00 – More free play
The children can continue with the play activities or sometimes we may have a trip to the adjacent playground or out in our garden.

11:40 – Tidy up time
The Children are encouraged to help tidy things back to their areas.

11:45 – Story-time/ show and tell
We all come together to share some calm time and a story before the end of the session. Sometimes the children bring in something special to them or share special events with the rest of the group.  This encourages language development, communication and confidence skills.

12:00 – Packed Lunch Time or Home

13:00 - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Afternoon session starts.

15:00 - Home Time